CADAFIS provides consulting services and
      software to assist organizations to achieve
      new levels of excellence with skills that
      already exist in your organization.

The CADAFIS technique
      drives continuous improvements!

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PURPOSE: To Reduce Hospital Operating Costs, Improve Services and Increase Margin.
 FACS: Process improvement initiatives are integrated with Facility Assessment and Capital Strategy.
 LCC: Is a financial analysis that seeks Least Cost Combinations of capital, payroll and operating costs.


PURPOSE: To Improve Safety, Attendance, and Academics and Reduce Incidents of Problem Behavior.
 SSS: Safe Schools Software is a multi-hazard incident management software. Meets NIMS standards.
 SSS-MS: SSS Management System tracks behavior incidents and treatment outcomes for healthy relationships.


PURPOSE: To Strengthen and Continuously Improve Seaport Security Plan Management.
 SPSS: SeaPort Security Software is designed for area maritime, vessels and seaport facilities.
 FSPM: Facility Security Plan Management, is a section of SPSS. Meets 33 CFR 105 standards.


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 FAI: Is a Facility Asset Inventory with three levels of data designed for 70 types of facilities.
 CBP: Capital Budget Planning harvests the output from FAI to generate capital budgets


 BSA: Building Security Assessment. Provides audits, measures, incident tracking & financial analysis.
 CIM: Crisis Incident management. Complies with National Incident Management System, NIMS.


Roofing consists of 4 Software Modules: 1. Inspection of roofs under construction, 2. Assessments of
existing, in-service roofs, 3. Retrofit Design details & specifications, and 4. Life Cycle Cost Analysis.


Life Cycle Cost Analysis is a method for comparing two or more functionally similar components of  any type
building facility; different than LCC which factors present value of operations and capital savings


ADA performs facility surveys and estimates of cost to meet American with Disabilities Act requirements.

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