Safe Schools Software (SSS)

Safety, Security & Multi-Hazard Incident Management Software by CADAFIS

 Safe Schools Software (SSS) is used by School Districts to improve their Safety & Security Plan, Emergency Response Plan or Multi-Hazard Incident Management Plan by adapting it to a multi-site electronic Plan for use by District and Local School Buildings.
 SSS consists of six sections as shown below. Each section contains forms that provide for effective organization of your Plan data. All sections are independent of the others and may be purchased singly, as an entire set or in any combination. SSS is integrated with the National Incident Management System (NIMS) protocols.
 Data, forms and templates of your Plan are downloaded into the related forms of the SSS sections. With the increased facility to electronically communicate audits & measures, evaluations and reports, SSS provides schools with a systematic improvement process by which to strengthen and continuously improve their Plan.
    SSS Section Titles:
         Incident Command- IC
         Crisis Incident Management- CIM
         Incident Management Capabilities Audit & Measures- IMCAM
         Site, Vicinity & Facilities Audit and Measures- SVFAM
         Crisis Early Warning Signs and Incident Tracking- CEWSIT
         Safety, Security, Health Incident Management- SSHIM
Features and Benefits of SSS

Easy Exchange Of Data. SSS makes data exchange easy for the management and oversight of your Plan. Electronic data exchange methods have proven to be easier and more effective than manual methods.

Facilitates Plan Improvements. Ease of data exchange helps keep your Plan up to date with easy integration of changes and improvements at the district and school-building levels.

Drives The Improvement Process. The Plan shareholders are committed to the requirements of auditing, evaluation and reporting, which drives the improvement process. SSS builds on this unique mechanism.

Improves Learning Climate. SSS facilitates Student Assistance Programs and violence prevention procedure management, which not only make schools safer but also improve the school learning climate.

For section descriptions hold your cursor over a button below

All the various Sections of the SSS program are accessed
using the buttons on the Main Screen (shown above).
For a description of each section in the SSS program
hold your cursor over the appropriate button in the image above.
Only those Sections that are purchased would appear on this Main Menu.

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