CADAFIS provides consulting services and software for capital facility asset managers, operations and financial officers of institutions, security officers, crisis-management personnel and multi-site businesses and commercial and industrial complexes. Software is also provided to architects, engineers, GASB auditors and associated building industry personnel. CADAFIS has been active since 1995 and was incorporated in 2001. Specific CADAFIS software applications have been developed, including consulting services, for the City of Columbus, OH, the Columbus Public Schools and the State of Ohio. These projects have involved 292 buildings with approximately 8.75 million square feet.

The CADAFIS methodology has evolved over several decades and continues to improve, using advanced planning techniques with computer technology. The three principals of the firm, prior to forming CADAFIS Inc., have been involved collectively with capital facility assessment, design, operational improvements and marketing with approximately 8,000 buildings and 160,000,000 sq. ft.

Samuel Ingwersen, Architect, President, CADAFIS Inc., artist, graduate of Miami University, Oxford, OH, Bachelor of Architecture; Cornell University, Ithaca, N.Y., Master of Architecture. Member of more than a dozen professional associations, past and present. Major Architectural Projects include: Hospitals and Healthcare - 25; Industrial and Commercial - 19; Educational and Libraries - 19; Correctional Facilities - 12; and more than 120 other assorted renovation projects.

Howard Hawks, Vice President of Software Development, CADAFIS Inc. graduate of The Ohio State University, Columbus. OH, B.S. degree in Finance, 20 years Commercial Real Estate experience and Application Development. Developed software for inventory and marketing of over 5,000 industrial buildings, 1,500 office buildings, and 700 shopping centers in four market areas in Philadelphia, Minneapolis, Orlando and Columbus, OH.

John A. Ingwersen, Architect, Vice President of Operations, CADAFIS Inc. graduate of Cornell University, Ithaca, N.Y., Bachelor of Architecture. Member American Institute of Architects, has proven track record leading objective - focused architectural and engineering team projects. Has provided comprehensive architectural and facility services nationwide for a 3 billion dollar commercial real estate business and a 1 billion dollar retail business. Conducted large scale master planning projects for international manufacturers which have involved integration of manufacturing and processes and transforming them into value-added businesses. Projects include:

Deere and Company, Waterloo, IA, Created five year masterplan for 2M sq. ft. tractor assembly plant and reorganized production processes to connect internal customer and supplier business groups.
Miller Electric Manufacturing, Appleton, WI, Designed a masterplan for manufacturing facilities which transformed a traditional function-based operation into integrated product-focused business organizations. Integrated once separate corporate offices as immediate support to value-added business operations.
Cumins Engine Company, Columbus, IN, Designed a masterplan for a fuel pump manufacturing facility including assembly and test workstations, offices and technical resources. Resulted in a 50% reduction in plant footprint and a 32% reduction in per unit cost.
Barry Controls, Burbank, CA, Conducted a masterplan project for management, engineering and manufacturing transformation of traditional aerospace component OEM to a product focused business campus. Successfully refocused the organization into best practice competitive entities, doubling gross margins, reducing space needs by 35% and providing world class customer focus.

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