CADAFIS provides professional consulting services as well as professional support for CADAFIS software. Our portable software will reduce the time of inventory, assessment and calculation tasks by more than one third over where these tasks are performed with pencil & paper. On projects that involve many facilities that are geographically dispersed, services may be performed by our network team of A/E and CM Partner Consultants.

CADAFIS professional consulting services involve facility data acquisition, analyses, process improvement initiatives, recommendations, reports, data integration with central data management systems, presentations to funding authorities and implementation of solutions.

CADAFIS education and training support will involve the client's management and line personnel in the complete spectrum of programs for data acquisition, analyses, process improvements and supporting proposals for hypothetical solutions. A major objective of the Education and Training Support is to eventually enable the users to perform these services for themselves with less dependence upon outside support.

CADAFIS provides computer support by both on-site and remote technology. The remote technology will permit the connection of all local facility files with central corporate management. Local facility managers will become less dependant upon support as they develop improved skills with the CADAFIS program.

Facility Asset Inventory/Capital Budget Planning (FAI/CBP), ROOFING and ADA programs deal with capital facility physical conditions. The Facility Assessment & Capital Strategy (FACS) program deals with more comprehensive facility issues which include the facility functional adequacy to accommodate service operations and/or production processes. FACS provides the potential for dramatic economic benefits.

The CADAFIS programs are not facility maintenance programs. Of the more than 200 electronic facility maintenance programs that are available, none will contain the owner's facility inventory. CADAFIS will acquire the asset inventory and integrate it with the client's maintenance program requirements. No maintenance program will be a preventive type without asset inventory. Without asset inventory and an assessment of asset conditions there can be no reliable cost analyses.

CADAFIS provides capital asset managers with useful facility software programs, support and consulting.

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