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 Facility Asset Inventory / Capital Budget Planning

The FAI/CBP program is designed for use with over 70 types of building facilities. Three levels of data and costs; from conceptual, to general, to detailed may be acquired, analyzed and reported. Level I is conceptual, consisting of 7 facility components that are integrated with assessment of physical conditions and costs. Level III is detailed, consisting of a combination of components, subcomponents, and features which may be matched with over 18,000 cost items.

The cost database is an annually updated derivative of the R.S. Means cost databases and is formatted in both CSI and Uniformat II. Each facility is analyzed by size, age and construction type and assigned a replacement cost for the basis of capital planning. The preformatted reports make it easy to provide a comprehensive, uniform planning document. 

FAI is the most advanced software and hardware system for the rapid inventory and assessment of the physical condition of facilities and their components, Quick and simple to use, FAI provides touch screen floor plans of your building and pull down menus describing all aspects of the building, the building envelope and the building component systems. The inventory may also be used for the basis of a predictive maintenance program.

CBP is a program that harvests the output of FAI software, generating capital budgets for the repair and maintenance, or planned replacement of, facilities and their components. The software automatically updates new reports from FAI and performs several budgeting and life cycle cost analyses including capital budget projections and analysis of component repair versus replacement.  

CADAFIS Inc. develops special modules for specific types of facilities and operations such as education, port authority and healthcare facilities. An example is FAI/CBP Hospital.


The screen shown to the right consists of basic Level III components and Add-on modules that are specifically tailored to the facility asset management of hospitals and health care facilities. Data is acquired and reported for each separate building addition. The "Addition I.D." pull down menu assigns data to that specific addition file.

Additionally, the FAI/CBP Hospital system acquires and reports data that will influence capital budget decisions of the facility. "Fixed Equipment" addresses hospital diagnostic and treatment equipment. "Hazard/Infection Control" and "Life Safety Code" regimens are assessed and reported per the standards of the Joint Commission Accreditation Hospital Organization. Reporting functions follow a standard, easy to use format. The CBP features allow comparison of planning alternatives, complete with life cycle costing and present value analysis.

 DATA ACQUISITION  - Data is acquired by mobile computer technology. A click on any component of the Level III component screen will present that particular component. The selected screen will display subcomponents, features and menus which address 1)The Description, 2) Location, 3) Deficiencies, 4) Priority and 5) Costs for Repair or replacement of building components. An example of a component data screen and reports follow on Page 2.

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