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 Facility Asset Inventory / Capital Budget Planning

 TYPICAL COMPONENT After the desired Component has been clicked from the Start Up Screen, the respective Component Screen will appear. The Doors & Frames Screen is shown below. A click on the "Plan" button produces the Floor Plan shown on the next page.

The following menu headings appear on the Doors & Frames screen.
LOCATION - The menu presents names of locations. The "Plan" button will produce a plan with co-ordinates. Touching the pen to "Plan" will display the co-ordinates of the location. The location will be a point (1), a line (2), or an area (3), of which each will be reported as a number and a spot on the report plan.
ITEM COMPONENT - Four menus will describe all known characteristics: D - floor types, M - materials, F - features, and FR - frames. additional buttons access special features. 
DEFICIENCIES - This menu presents a choice of descriptions of observed deficiencies. 
PRIORITY - A scale of 1 to 10 indicates the urgency for the correcting of a deficiency.
COST MODULE - The units, no. of units, and unit cost, once entered, will calculate raw cost automatically. The "Costs" button option will access the R.S. Means cost database.
NOTE - Additional data may be entered onto the screen by an alphanumeric screen keyboard or handwriting, which is converted to printed text.
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