Facility Asset Inventory / Capital Budget Planning

 FAI/CBP:  An up-to-date inventory of facility assets is essential for good facility management and objective capital budgeting. The software addresses and records: 1) description 2) location 3) deficiencies 4) priority 5) cost estimates of repair or replacement and 6) Facility Cost Index (FCI).

Leading national cost estimating services provide annual updates of cost data that has been factored for over 300 cities and for 72 different building types. The cost data, which is divided into 3 levels of detail is coordinated and/or embedded in the FAI/CBP software. Data is presented in Uniformat II and CSI format per industry standards.

The FAI/CBP program is designed for all types of facilities. Special modules have been developed for the following types of institutions: 

Hospitals & Healthcare

Correctional & Justice

University Residency

Schools & Educational

Port Authority 

Government Agencies

FAI/CBP is adapted for use by governmental entities to perform audits of facility depreciated value for GASB 34 requirements. Other applications include facility inspections and punch lists.

Facility planning, management & budgeting will never be a proactive type without an asset inventory and accurate costing. Data acquisition is done by portable pen based computer technology. Data may also be acquired manually by printed forms. Local facility managers may simultaneously discuss and view reports on their computer screen with remotely located central management and CADAFIS support personnel using secure, remote technology.

 Methodology of FAI/CBP - Hospitals & Healthcare Module example  

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