We offer 4 advanced modules  that simplify data acquisition, management, and reports for:

 Roof Inspection  -  Roof Assessment  -  Roof Retrofit Design  -  Roof Life Cycle Cost Analysis 


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from the CADAFIS Roof Inspection module
This CADAFIS software performs roof inspections in a
   fraction of the time it takes using conventional means.
  Enter your data in pull-down menus
  Create impressive reports at the touch of a button for
    any roof system. See the list of reports below.
  Software formatted to include:
        - Graphic Construction Details
        - Photographs
        - Field Notes
        - Roof Plans
  Voice Notes and Speaker
  Facility managers may easily track roof conditions and
    produce status reports.
  Customize the menus to your product and inspection
  Download, link, email, or fax your reports from any PC

General Project Data: contains building name and address, building ID, owner project ID, date and report number.
Contact Information: includes building owner, contractor, architect, consultant, engineer, and associate.
General Inspection Data: reports inspection type, inspection report #, roof ID, roof type, manufacturer of roof, roof system, roof size, dimensions and height, year applied, and warranty information. Also includes percentage of completion for work in progress, plus weather conditions and other project related information.
Specific Inspection Data: contains a schedule titled "Item of the Work" (referred to in the manual also as "Roof Item") the items are different for each roof category. This report is a summary that uses checked boxes to indicate those items that have been inspected.
Specific Inspection Notes: describes the data (notes) entered from the Specific Inspection Data form.
Roofing Inspection Observations and Deficiencies: consists of a schedule of roof ID, roof type, item of work, plan location number, tests and photo data with descriptions of observations and deficiencies.
Inspection Roof Plan: displays the roof plan with numbered location points. The location points indicate the locations of deficiencies, photos, notes, dictation, and graphic construction details that are cited in other reports.
Roofing Inspection Construction Details and Photos: contains graphic construction details and photos.
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