We offer 4 advanced modules  that simplify data acquisition, management, and reports for:

 Roof Inspection  -  Roof Assessment  -  Roof Retrofit Design  -  Roof Life Cycle Cost Analysis 


 View typical screens of Roof Assessment Module 
Click the button above to view example screens
from the CADAFIS Roof Assessmentmodule
Assess roof conditions with portable or tablet PC
Make estimates of cost of replacements or repairs 

Click any of the buttons of the Main Menu and you will access additional Menus. These additional Menus are titled as follows:
  General Project Data
  Roof Items
  Deficiencies & Costs
  Plan / Location

Access to Configuration and Download is done by clicking on those buttons at the bottom of the Main Menu.


The Roof Items Menu is shown to the left.
This menu provides access to many other menus and drop-down data boxes that describe roof items such as:
  roof type,
  what is in the roof,
  structures on and adjacent to the roof,
  the materials of which each item is made their condition,
  deficiencies and observations.


Test results and analyses that have been made or are required to be made are recorded. All roof items and conditions are described with selections from the drop-down data boxes. The data may be expanded and customized. All items and their recorded data are identified by an item number and located by number on the small scale roof plan.


The Roof Items screen to the left shows Type Menu (dot in circle) from which Modified Bitumen has been selected for Roof Item 1.

The standard reports for the CADAFIS Roof Assessment Module are shown below. Reports that are marked by two asterisks are typical of the roof software products and are available for viewing.  These reports are on a secure access network and may not be copied. Please fill out the information form online and a representative will contact you to view the reports with you.

General Project Data: contains building name and address, building ID, roof ID, date, report and owner project number.
Contact Information: includes building owner, contractor, architect, consultant, engineer, and associate.
General Assessment Data: reports roof ID and type, square foot area, roof height, year applied, and warranty data.
**Specific Deficiencies and Cost Estimates: reports the roof ID, slope, and roof type. Each roof item is listed in a schedule citing the item deficiency and its location, priority, dictations, and an estimate of cost to repair or replace the deficiencies of each item.
**Test Data: reports tests completed or required. Locations of tests are indicated on the roof plan.
**Roof Core Data: reports roof core data with description of layer, number of plys, thickness and attachment methods as may be available. Locations of cores are indicated on the graphic roof plan.
**Ratio of Repair Cost to Replacement Cost and Recommendations: reports building and roof IDs with a schedule for each item and each roof of the building citing repair costs and the ratio of repair to replacement cost for the entire roof. The user adds the recommendations. Any economic, life cycle cost analyses that have been done may be referenced in this report.
**Assessment Roof Plan: identifies each roof and roof ID. Displays the graphic roof plan with numbers that pinpoint the location of entered data.
**Roof Construction Photos: displays photos of roof items that are referenced to locations on the roof plan.
**Summary of Roof Assessment: summarizes assessment of multiple roofs and/or buildings

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