We offer 4 advanced modules  that simplify data acquisition, management, and reports for:

 Roof Inspection  -  Roof Assessment  -  Roof Retrofit Design  -  Roof Life Cycle Cost Analysis 


Produce design solutions for roof repairs or replacement using the CADAFIS Retrofit Design Module and
  portable or tablet PC's.
Use the customized setup to enter your roof plan and standard details into the system
Match roof construction details to plan locations to produce in-house or contract work description

Roof Type Menu
- Architectural metal
- Built-up roof
- Composition shingle
- Modified Bitumen
- Spray foam
- Slate
- Structural Metal
- Thermoplastic
- Thermoset
- Tile
- Wood Shingle
Protective Membrane & Green Roofs are features of basic types of roof.

Roof Standard Menu
Roof manufacturers matched to roof type.

Detail No. Menu and Detail
Graphic construction details matched to the specific manufacturer.

The Retrofit Design Report shows the location of all details and notes necessary to achieve the project repair or replacement design solutions. The Roof Plan and Design Report may be matched to the user's AutoCAD to produce more detailed contract documents.


See the complete
list of reports from the Retrofit Design module below.


General Project Data: contains building name, address, building ID, roof ID, date, owner project number and report number.
Contact Information: includes building owner, contractor, architect/engineer, associate and consultant contact data.
Project Scope: identifies building and roof IDs. Presents a numbered list of items that describe the proposed project.
Graphic Roof Plan: consists of roof plan with numbers that are referenced to the list of project scope items, identifies locations of construction details and notes.
Construction Details: consists of graphic details and notes. The construction detail menus are acquired from several sources: the user's library of details, roofing associations' generic files, and roofing manufacturers' proprietary files. The details together with field added notations provide the basis for describing the conditions and/or solutions.
Project Cost Estimates: identifies building and roof ID's. Also contains a schedule of the project item numbers, item headings, and item descriptions that match the items of the Project Scope Report. Costs are calculated with use of units, number of units, unit costs and total costs. Use of this report on the Internet is convenient for consultants who seek approval of project budget prior to finishing final contract documents or for contractors who use the report to submit breakdown of costs.
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