Building Security Assessment

The CADAFIS BSA program was created to assist our clients with crisis planning and management procedures of Prevention/Mitigation, Preparedness, Response and Recovery through improved methods of acquisition, integration and reporting of security and facilities data.

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 CADAFIS Building Security Assessment software!
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Analyze with BSA software, where your security dollars are best spent.

 Record Security Measures on a portable Tablet PC screen (as shown in Fig. 1 below). Menu selections identify Building Items, their Features, Observations and Deficiencies. Security Measures are defined and prioritized, and costs estimated. Location box shows numbers that appear on Graphic Plans (see below).  
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Print Reports automatically. Standard Reports include:
   SECURITY MEASURES & COSTS by PRIORITY (shown in Fig. 2 below)
   GRAPHIC FLOOR PLANS & SITE PLANS with item locations

Reports and menus are customizable. The CADAFIS BSA module may be used for all types of facilities from Port Authority complexes to single buildings.

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Advantages of BSA:
BSA provides a continuous security planning and budgeting process - not a one shot deal
BSA report updates and security plan refinements are done quickly and easily
BSA is both a proactive and a reactive incident mitigation tool

Data is acquired for 8 comprehensive Facility/ Building Items:
Site Access,
Site Perimeter,
Exterior Building
Building Entrances
Building Doors
Building Interior
Alarm Systems,
Building Operations.

Features, Deficiencies, and Observations of the Building Items are described by data selections from drop-down menus. Data may also be entered using notes and/or voice recordings.

Locate Building Items, Features, Observations and Deficiencies on graphic floor plans and photos on your Tablet PC as you walk through the building or drive around the site. A click on the image will produce a location number.

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Digital, graphic plans may be transmitted to your fire/safety agencies to report incident location and routing (Back to Top).

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Financial Analyses: Once cost estimates are made, management may perform financial analyses. Two modules are included in the software: 1) "Least Cost Combination of Capital and Operating Costs" used to determine the present value of savings in operating costs where a proposed capital expenditure may be substituted for operating payroll costs, and 2) "Life Cycle Cost Analysis" used to compare the economic performance of two or more functionally similar building components. Data is entered into worksheets, which produce the formatted reports.

The example below shows a report of the financial analysis of a proposed (Option 1) Proximity Control System with basically one less staff, to replace the (Current) Persons Guarded Gate System.

         Fig. 5 

Option 1:
Operating Costs: $49,000
Capital Costs: $131,000

Operating Costs: $84,500

Total Present Value of Savings, 20 years: $629,600

Payback period of capital investment: less than 4 years

CADAFIS is a leading developer of Facility Assessment, Costing and Capital Strategy Software. Call us for a demonstration of the Building Security Assessment module.

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