technology has made dramatic advancements in data processing and automated drafting, little advancement has occurred in the area of facility planning.

CADAFIS has developed advanced techniques in data acquisition, data integration and data applications. The use of these combined techniques will provide management with improved processes of data acquisition and analyses providing significant economic payoff solutions.

Data Acquisition - Mobile computing technology is used to acquire on-site data quickly and economically. The acquired data consists of facility condition, functional adequacy and costs. Three different levels of data, from conceptual to general to detailed data, may be acquired.

Data Integration
- CADAFIS automatically updates and integrates continuously
changing data that impacts capital allocation decisions. CADAFIS provides a continuous planning and budgeting process.

Data Application
- The integrated data applications provide support for cost-effective capital allocations. Although capital is only a very small percent of the total cost of delivery of services or products - once capital is "built-in", it will have a profound influence upon the institution's future policies, procedures and operating costs. The key is to factor capital renewal and/or maintenance repair costs before capital is "built-in". CADAFIS applications allow users to analyze hypothetical solutions seeking least cost combinations of capital and operating costs. The applications perform life cycle costs and financial analyses. 

The strength of the CADAFIS technique is its performance in the hands of local users. As user skills develop, reliance upon outside support decreases. Capital requests for repair or replacement
will be supported with up-to-date, uniform data, analyses and reports.

Facility capital planning has been likened to the stage of the Model T in automotive development. It need not be. CADAFIS has developed advanced techniques in the acquisition, integration and application of data for use by capital facility decision makers.

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